Signs of Transmission Issues

The convenience of safely and quickly getting from one location to another and saving time are some of the benefits of owning a vehicle. But, vehicles have a tendency to fail, just like any other mechanical form of transportation. However, cars typically provide vital indications that something’s wrong. Identifying these indications can save you a lot of money and the trouble of calling a 24 hour flatbed towing near me company.

One of the most common car issues is a transmission problem. There are some indications of poor transmission that you’ve got to look out for. Several breakdowns are simpler to check compared to others. Yet, no problem will go unobserved if you know what to look for.

Check Engine Light

The tell-tale indication of something not being right with your car is your dashboard light. Modern vehicles are refined ones and have a few computers that operate sensors that track various mechanical parts. Possibilities are there is a particular dashboard light specifying the issue if there is something wrong with your car. Unless you want to cause further damage to your vehicle and end up spending a lot of money, you should not neglect these warning signs.

Noisy in Neutral

While driving, you may not experience defective transmission signs on several occasions. You will instead hear a bumping sound while your vehicle’s in neutral. This might be because of a lack of transmission fluid. Typically, this is easy to repair. But, it could also be an indication of a much larger mechanical issue that you have to address with the help of a professional.

Grinding Gears

The indications of transmission issues will differ depending on whether you drive a manual or an automatic vehicle. For manual transmissions, the signs are a little different. Grinding gears could signify that the clutch is worn out or one of the synchronizers of the transmission requires replacement.

On the other hand, for an automatic transmission vehicle, you will notice a variation in RPM. Then it will be followed by an extremely obvious pull during a gear change. Also, you may hear the gears grinding and whining.

Weird Burning Odor

You do not want your vehicle to emit a foul burning odor. The smell could be an indication of some problems. A bad transmission box is one of these issues. Overheating transmission oil is known to cause a strange smell of oil and chemicals burning. It is likely a wise move to drive yourself right away to the closest workshop for an assessment if you notice it.

Odd Clunking Sound

Whenever you change gear, possibilities are your transmission is beginning to break down if you notice a difference in sound. Clunking noises are particularly an obvious sign that something is not right with your vehicle. A lot of professionals recommend driving to the closest auto shop. This will help you prevent further damage from being done to the transmission system. If you neglect this sign, you will certainly end up spending a lot of money on costly repairs.